LASIK eye surgery

At Druger Eye Care and Syracuse Eye Surgeons, we provide free Syracuse LASIK vision correction surgery evaluations to decide whether or not you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery.  If you are not, there are alternatives to LASIK surgery such as PRK or IOL implantable lenses which will allow you to still achieve better vision.

 Why Choose Us?
Lasik eye surgery is not something anyone should rush into.  A decision like this should be made carefully, while knowing all the facts.  The most common misconception with Syracuse LASIK is that “all laser vision correction centers are the same.”  Many of the discount LASIK centers out there try to convince you that LASIK is just another product off the shelf and that the cheapest price out there is the best way to go.  However, the truth is that the product is not the same.

In our vision centers, you will always meet with the surgeon who is performing the Lasik eye surgery, not with a clinical assistant like a discount LASIK center.  From start to finish and through post-op care, our surgeons handle all the eye care for each of our patients and don’t delegate it to a non-physician staff member.  Although LASIK is a safe and simple procedure, there are some risks involved with any surgery and in the event of a complication you should be monitored and watched closely by your surgeon.

Find out if Syracuse LASIK will work for you by meeting with one of our LASIK surgeons through our Free LASIK evaluation.

At Druger Eye Care and Syracuse Eye Surgeons, we encourage patients to sign up for a free screening at one of our convenient locations in Fayetteville and Camillus NY.  Our surgeons are here to answer your questions!  Call us today at (315)488-1601 to reach our Camillus office or (315) 663-2020 to reach our Fayetteville office.


Candidates for Lasik Eye Surgery
Syracuse LASIK vision correction helps many patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism experience clearer and better vision.  As great as it is, it is not the right fit for everyone.

The ideal candidate for Syracuse LASIK vision correction are individuals who:

  • Adults who have fully developed eyes
  • Show no signs of corneal scarring
  • Have maintained the same eye prescription for one year or longer
  • Show no signs of eye infections, injuiries, or other health issues
  • Are not pregnant or nursing
  • Do not suffer from autoimmune disorders